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Colorado's Adoptable Dogs of the month:
Sadie: St. Bernard Mix 8 Months
 - Aurora, Co 
Elsa: Hound Mix 5 Months- Aurora, CO 

Sadie is a wonderful dog, her foster mom has done a great job. She tags the door to go outside, leash trained, loves water. & tug of war. Sadie loves kids, but probably older kids as she is a puppy but big. We think she is lab mixed with St. Bernard Golden Retriever. Beautiful Beautiful well behaved dog who loves to play!

Elsa is a little shy, but warms up quickly once she sniffs and loves on you. She loves to be in the house in her bed and loves to give doggy kisses too! Fast movements still scare her. She is crate trained but not potty or leash trained, but does use the training pad when inside and playing. She is a jumper - her long legs give her the ability to leap buildings, well maybe not buildings but definitely 4 ft. chain link. She loves to play tug of war with other dogs.
   ** Any dog available for adoption can come up to Colorado on a transport from OK**

 For any information on these wonderful dogs or any other dog or puppy in our care please visit the Adoptable Pets Link on the Left ...

Miami, OK Featured Adoptable Dogs of the Month:
Wendy: Border Collie Mix 6 Months Old - Miami, OK
Snow - Lab Mix 2 Years old - Miami, OK

Wendy is a very sweet girl. She is leash, crate and house trained.  She is good with dogs, cats, and kids. She is a medium sized dog.

Snow is a super sweet, p
layful , loveable girl. She is good with kids and other dogs. She is very gentle & loves people. She is a beautiful dog who needs a second chance @ love!!

For any information on these wonderful dogs or any other dog or puppy in our care please visit the Adoptable Pets Link on the Left .....

Daisy's Story ....

This was Daisy ...chained, starved and pregnant! This is what she looked like before she was rescued!! Daisy was rescued by MAA after they received a call that she was pregnant and chained outside to a pole all alone. She lived all her life on a chain outside and starved. The food on ground was brought to her by MAA the day they found out about her. She was being fed table scraps and leftovers. The previous owners had 8 other dogs! Poor Daisy was chained out back so she didn’t get much of the scraps. Daisy was starving to death along with her unborn pups!! 3 hours after getting the call about her she was rescued by MAA. 3 days after MAA rescued her she had 5 pups during an awful storm that she would have been tied up outside having her babies. If it was not for MAA and their fosters coming together and having the resources for medical care along with other necessities they needed to care for Daisy her along with her pups would not have had a chance!! * NOW* Daisy is healthy and looking for her forever home along with her 5 puppies who are healthy and spunky!!
The greatness of a nation & it's moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated!

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