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Adoptable Dogs of the month:

Dozer: 10 Month Boxer/Catahoula Dog Mix - Aurora, CO
Cora: 3 year old Heeler Mix - Aurora,CO

 Dozer is a happy & loving boy. He was adopted as a puppy @ 10 weeks old after MAA rescued his mom who was on a chain & pregnant with him and his liter mates. Unfortunately he was recently returned because the family is moving. He loves other dogs, kids and cats. This poor guy is used to being outside all the time, so we are working with him on a leash and house manners. He is a quick learner and loves to cuddle. He would do great in a house with a friend and someone with some patience and time to get him used to a real home. He is up-to-date on all shots and crate trained @ night. If you would love to give Dozer a 3rd chance @ a loving home!

Cora is a super sweet but shy girl who has been through much more than anyone can imagine. She was adopted @ 8 weeks old only to be given up @ 3 years because of a divorce.  She was so scared and did not understand what was going on. Once back to her foster home she was adopted only to be giving back after 5 months because the owners other dog got away & he didn't have time for her. Yet back again @ her fosters she was adopted by a couple who lover her and had experience w/ heelers who were shy. Just as they were to have her meet a friend they opened the door and she ran out. After searching for over 3 months non stop for her, her foster mom finally found her @ the Denver Shelter. She was living off of Exposition & Federal for over 3 months. Her foster mom was in tears and never gave up on her! She is a SUPER SUPER smart girl. She managed to live on the streets of Denver & walk away w/ a few toe nails that were down to the quick . She needs a home with the commitment of love. She is shy & scared of little kids, so she would be better in a home w/ no kids or older kids 13+. She has no aggression in her little body. She loves to play and is always on alert. She is not a high maintenance dog. She is good just hanging out and feeling comfortable w/ someone. She knows all her commands & likes to bark @ squirrels & birds. She is fostered with other fosters and her foster families 2 dogs, cat and kids. She does great w/ the 16 year old and is nerves around the 10 year old but she just runs upstairs or leans on you. She has never growled or snapped @ him. She just needs someone who will giver her time to adjust and love her like she is supposed to be loved!

** Any dog available for adoption can come up to Colorado on a transport from 
  Dozer .....

Cora ...

Miami, OK
Adoptable Dogs of the Month


 Cassie: Cattle Dog Mix 2 years Old - Miami, OK
Skye: Catahoula Mix 2 Years Old - Miami, OK

Cassie is an awesome dog, she is good with kids and other dogs, not good with cats. She is housebroke, has never been crated or on a leash, but trains well.  She has learned to sit on command and is beginning to shake on command.  She's a very quick learner. Cassie loves to go on car rides and does very well. She loves to greet you when you come home she's so excited to see you its like she talks to you. She is a medium sized dog. Cassie was living out in a cow pasture when we got a call saying the rancher was going to shoot her.  She was very pregnant and had a broken leg that had never been treated (probably from being hit by a car) she wasn't bothering livestock she was just hiding from being hurt & preparing to have her babies.  Poor girl...we rescued her & she had beautiful healthy puppies. After weaning the puppies she had an INTENSE surgery to try to save her leg.  She has healed well from surgery and she only limps at times when she has been laying on it for awhile.

Skye is the perfect pet. She will come to you to be petted but walk away if you don't . She goes right in her kennel at night with no hassle . She was starved till near death so she gets very excited at meal time. She is great with other dogs and doesn't seem to notice the cats. She minds well and if she takes off down the field and you call her name she will come back. We have not tried a leash. She is a sweet sweet loving calm mannered girl.

Cassie  ...

Skye ...

Daisy's Story ....

This was Daisy ...chained, starved and pregnant! This is what she looked like before she was rescued!! Daisy was rescued by MAA after they received a call that she was pregnant and chained outside to a pole all alone. She lived all her life on a chain outside and starved. The food on ground was brought to her by MAA the day they found out about her. She was being fed table scraps and leftovers. The previous owners had 8 other dogs! Poor Daisy was chained out back so she didn’t get much of the scraps. Daisy was starving to death along with her unborn pups!! 3 hours after getting the call about her she was rescued by MAA. 3 days after MAA rescued her she had 5 pups during an awful storm that she would have been tied up outside having her babies. If it was not for MAA and their fosters coming together and having the resources for medical care along with other necessities they needed to care for Daisy her along with her pups would not have had a chance!! * NOW* Daisy is healthy and looking for her forever home along with her 5 puppies who are healthy and spunky!!
The greatness of a nation & it's moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated!

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“You save the lives of dogs every time You donate
Every DONATION counts ... Nothing is too small or too big

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