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Photo below is a link to our facebook where we are collecting local low cost spay/neuter clinics information.  Also a link to choose your state for low cost spay/neuter clinics. 



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We are extremely grateful for our team working Gregport the Colorado Transport.  Here are the workers you will meet when you adopt your next furluve!  (More pics added till we get everyone!

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We work hard to make sure that we take care of all of our babies here at Miami Animal Alliance. But, unfortunately we can't do it without people like you and your donations of time and money. So, if you ever feel like you want to be a part of our family and help some of the best animals around, check us out. 

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It's hard knowing what to do when you're about to adopt. But, we make this process even easier when you adopt with us, because our foster parents will go over every possible question or concern you and your family might have on introducing your newest pal to the family. Our adoption fee covers our medical costs to get our pets in good health, up to date on vaccinations, internal parasite prevention, microchipped with lifetime registration, spayed or neutered and food/supplies during that time. Our pets are all housed in family foster homes. We are non profit 501(c)3 no kill all foster home rescue. We are based in NE Oklahoma. Our adoption fees cover medical care, food and transport costs.